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Propmodo is obsessed with covering transformative technology​ to help​ real estate leaders make smarter​ ​decisions. ​W​ith our integrated media packages, Propmodo is uniquely positioned to help companies reach these leaders for maximum impact.


Our media campaigns and event sponsorships segment and curate the best qualified audience for our clients.

The Company We Keep

Our clients and partners include some of the industry’s best-known property firms, real estate tech companies, and startups.

Integrating Propmodo’s digital media and curated live events, they’ve been able to impact the industry's key decision-makers — online and on the ground — including C-suite execs, senior-level real estate professionals, architects, engineers, venture capitalists, data analysts, and more.

Most importantly…they’ve been able to meet their own growth and marketing objectives with us time and again.


Leaders of fast-growing tech companies and the world's biggest property firms.

*based on internal analysis

Custom Content

Informative. Thoughtful. Provocative.

We can help you with content strategy, brand messaging, and creative writing. We also offer sponsored content to amplify distribution for clients’ own articles, white papers, reports, etc.

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Product Discovery

Contextual Advertising

Feature your product in Propmodo's Product Discovery search engine. Your product or company will also automatically appear next to relevant content throughout the Propmodo website.

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Display Media

High Impact. Highly targeted.


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Mobile Impact

37% of Propmodo content is consumed on mobile


Channel Takeover

Take over one of Propmodo's editorial channels for maximum impact. Target specific types of content.

Primary Channels Include:

Real Estate

Smart Cities



Runs Across Desktop and Mobile

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Email Newsletters

Boost engagement and response for your own content through native insertions or banner ads in Propmodo’s popular email newsletters.

Channel Newsletters

28% open rate

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Daily Newsletter

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Propmodo LIVE


Deliver an educational presentation for property decision-makers and influencers

Showcase market leadership
and generate quality leads with our
audience of industry professionals
in these live educational events.

Event content repurposed
as digital articles and videos

Propmodo Metatrends

Exploring the most transformative trends in built environment tech

Propmodo's editors will connect the dots to uncover the biggest real estate trends shaping the year ahead and unveil them in our 2019 Metatrends digital package, magazine and event series.

Propmodo Metatrends are macroeconomic forces, sociocultural changes, and technological advancements that are reshaping the built environment. Companies, governments, and property firms may call metatrends by different names, but the most effective ones have organized their strategy in some way around them. By definition, they are big and include some of the real estate industry's greatest challenges— and opportunities.


Download the Metatrends 2019 Sponsor Prospectus:  


Digital content: Long form editorial pieces about trends shaping the built environment with interactive elements, downloads, and videos.

Email series: Dedicated mini-series of weekly Metatrends emails highlighting our research and real world examples of emerging trends.

Magazine: Special annual magazine showcases our sponsors alongside Metatrends articles and engaging layouts.

Special events: Targeted conferences for senior level execs featuring the brightest minds discussing the most important trends in real estate and the built environment.



Conference Calls and Podcasts

Engage directly the valuable Propmodo audience

Sponsor a conference call where a Propmodo analyst chats with your company executive. A conference call fits naturally into the real estate executive's busy workflow and is a great way to introduce new prospects to your company or product. Pre-registration and follow-up surveys provide unmatched lead generation and calls can be repurposed as Sponsored Podcasts for a longer shelf-life.


Show, don't tell.

We provide all of our advertisers with a real-time advertising dashboard to monitor impressions and engagements.

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